Wine List

We go to extraordinary lengths to see that members get exactly what they want, tracing particular wines and particular vintages through the wine merchants, the auctions, and the vineyards. 

Of course, not every wine in the Club’s cellars is in the thousands-of-pounds-a-bottle class. In fact, Myriam Lombard, The Ritz Club’s Head Sommelier keeps three lists – the normal list, the fine wines list, and the private list of wines selected by, bought for, and reserved for individuals.

If a customer is celebrating, or just wants to try some of the best wines they will ever find anywhere in the world, then the fine wines list will give them plenty to choose from. Whether it’s a bottle of the La Tâche, or maybe a lightly chilled Chevalier Montrachet 1998 Domaine Le Flaive at £700 a bottle. Or, if the occasion demands champagne, there is always the Krug Clos du Mesnil 1998, at £2,300.